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If you are searching for an ancestor or doing some sort of historical research, there are various birth records online for free in transcript form. If you are searching for a birth record for someone that is still living or are searching for an official copy, you will have to pay for them. For the most part, records such as birth certificates are public records.

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This means that the general public can usually access them through the proper channels in their state; however, it is important to note that not all states will allow you to access birth records unless you:. That is because birth certificates are technically considered to be a piece of identification in many states. It is also important to check if the birth record that you are interested in is sealed to the public or not. If a birth record has been sealed due to a closed adoption case, the general public is not able to access that record without a court order from a judge.

This requires a solid reason for accessing the birth records and the need to cut through a lot of red tape. Birth records are easy to obtain in person, depending on the laws of the state when it comes to a third-party records request. In general, all you have to do is visit the vital records unit with your request, any fees that are applicable, as well as your government issued photo ID with your signature.

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For those who want to streamline the process, third party companies provide the service of getting copies of birth records for you. They help to streamline the process so that you only have to deal directly with one company. In addition, these companies can ensure that you receive certified copies of any birth records that your order. However, before you order birth records through a third party, make sure that the records that you are seeking can be purchased with a third party.

There are some states that do not allow third parties to access birth records. Often, as people grew older they they opted to live with their younger relatives or children, so be sure to check the census records to see if anyone is suddenly living with your ancestor with a different name.

It could well be somebody from your ancestor's family with the same maiden name. When doing this, continue to keep marital status in mind because the person might be widowed or remarried - always verify your facts! Newspapers are an invaluable resource for locating a woman's maiden name. Newspaper obituaries often list the parent's names of the deceased. Wedding announcements are also often listed in the papers and include the name of both the bride and groom to be.

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Check for the approximate date of the marriage and a few weeks following. If you only know the groom's name, search for him and your female ancestor and her maiden name will be inevitably be listed alongside. Even if your ancestor didn't serve herself, if her husband or son died in the war, often there are records of their pension files with her maiden name listed. Sometimes marriage certificates or affidavits included are also found in military records. Remember, your most likely searching for your female ancestor's male relatives in these records, in the hope to find her mentioned in the detail.

If land deeds were transferred to a widowed wife when her husband died, sometimes her maiden name will be listed in the records. A useful tip is to look for the latin et ux , which means "and wife,". Look through the names of your ancestors and if any seemingly unusual names appear, it's worth looking into.

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  • It is not uncommon that your ancestor's middle name is that of their mother's maiden name. This applies to both men and women, so if you spot an unusual middle name, follow it up. Check the back of old photographs for clues to who was in the picture. The insides of old books, family bibles and any old documents you may have are another useful avenue to explore. If the records you need aren't available online, reach out to churches and archives for access to them.

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