In addition to the potential criminal penalties though, they also face the stigma of living as a registered sex offender for the rest of their lives. Michigan penal code breaks criminal sexual conduct into four degrees, with first-degree convictions carrying the heaviest penalties. Even if an individual is convicted of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct though, he or she will be registered alongside those with more serious sentences for up to 25 years.

Sex offender databases are readily available and easy for anyone to find and share. In designating sex offenders, Michigan does not distinguish between the severities of their crimes. For those accused of a sex crime , even if acquitted, the social cost can be high. For those convicted the personal toll is even greater. An individual's name and picture will most likely appear in papers, online and on television.

Many have trouble obtaining a job or an apartment afterward. A strong defense is essential for those seeking to clear their names or lessen the effects of a conviction. Accusations of criminal sexual conduct cover a wide range of scenarios and there are many things to be considered in any case. An experienced defense attorney will have the knowledge and tact to handle cases with care and insight, respecting the delicate nature of criminal sexual conduct trials. For more information about the law concerning criminal sexual conduct in Michigan, or any state, we recommend contacting an attorney with a background in this sensitive area.

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We are kept down. Will Allen November 7, at pm on Halloween and Stranger Danger It does seem as if there are less trick-or-treaters every year.

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I think the sheeple are buying into the big government propaganda of "if your children trick-or-treat, they will be molested". That's fine with me. I hope that people who think Registries are acceptable live in fear.

It's deserved. I hope they alter their lives. And what's this "safety awareness" nonsense that she is talking about? Does she think people are only paying attention to that lately? Because as a parent, I never did need any "safety awareness" or anything from big government Registries or patch. It seemed a hell of a lot more about common sense and responsibility to me.

But I'm a good parent. Same with that "high police presence". Ughhh, where exactly? It could never be high enough to hinder or even slow down whatever molestations were going to happen on any given day, including Halloween. And I know that where I live we have more police per capita than probably I was out all over on Halloween and I actually did not see a single patrol car.

Perhaps they were in stealth mode? Instead of sitting at dangerous intersections in their patrol cars and actually trying to protect the public. Lastly, the whole thing is stupid anyway. What does it matter if you know where Registered People live if they aren't there and you don't know where they are? You are doing people a disservice if you lead them to believe they are there. These criminal regimes need to hurry up and get some more "laws" passed. They can force Registered People to be at their homes on Halloween, like the criminal state of Missouri does.

Maybe they could put a cage in each Registered Person's front yard and put them in it? Then they wouldn't even need "no trick-or-treating" signs, no lights, etc. People could take their children past the cages to look at the real Halloween horrors. Would be fun and all the neighbors could meet. As Voltaire once said "common sense is not so common".. Kat, you have more common sense in your pinkie finger than L. USA November 7, at am on Halloween and Stranger Danger Here is another response she never addresses that her article portrays sex offenders as dangerous.

I guess? Please read: As mentioned, I do not have the stats. That said, high police presence, safety awareness, "trunk-or-treat," etc. Not sure about your neighborhood, but in my I did not see one trick-or-treater. Not saying that's a good thing, mind you, but statistically speaking if kids aren't out there they are less likely to get physically harmed.

It's definitely an interesting topic. Feel free to call me if you have some thoughts. You can also submit a letter to the editor if you would like. I emailed 2 of the articles in 2 different locations?

How to locate registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood

Her response: Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. I do not have the statistics. Given the heavy police presence on Halloween, I imagine the numbers are low So, the police must know? But I have to disagree with you somewhat here. I do agree that you should follow all laws and be a moral person. But I don't agree that you have to be nice to everyone or care about them. I'll try to keep it brief.

Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry: How to search the database

The Registries are a declaration of war. So I cannot treat anyone who supports them as anything other than an enemy. I don't have any obligation to be a good citizen in general. I am splitting America into 2 pieces. If you are on the moral side, I will do good deeds and be the best person and friend there is regarding you. Just ask my family and friends! If you are on the immoral side, you are a criminal and an enemy combatant.

Sex Offender Registry | Kalamazoo Public Safety

It's that simple to me. If I'm considering whether or not I should do something beneficial, I first understand and make sure I can keep immorals from also benefiting from it. If I can't, I'm not going to do it. I'm going to do business and everything that way. I'm splitting everybody into 2 groups. I'm not going to let you work for me or in my businesses. If I do, I'm going to overwork you and lower the quality of your life. I'm not going to let you live where I own. If I do, it's really going to cost you. And I might throw you out one day just for fun, as I'm able. That is what the Registries are doing for us.

And my goal is to make my financial impact as widespread as possible. Further, I wouldn't worry about the taxes thing. I've always paid a lot more than my fair share but our glorious "leader" says that smart people don't pay taxes. So that will be the goal.

The people who ought to pay taxes are people who love big government and can't grow it big enough. THOSE people should be paying much more than their fair share. Not me. Our country is in outrageous debt and the big government boot lickers just want to keep creating more and more and more laws and growing big government. I'm done with the control freak weaklings.

The more powerless and weak they feel in their lives, the more they try to control others. They have a disease. Will Allen November 7, at am on AR: New sex offender laws now in effect in Arkansas "People" who support Registries are scumbags but I don't think that law enforcement criminal LECs is intentionally just trying to get people arrested. So then they have to create more "laws". I live in Georgia and that is exactly how we ended up with O.