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When I was 3 months old my father left my mother to fend for herself and the new born, me. He told my mother he was going back to the state he was born in to go help my great grandmother with my great grandfather because he had fallen ill. A few weeks passed and my mother finally got the nerve to call my grandmother due to the fact my mother had never met any of my father's family because they all lived in different states.


His dad lived in Florida, his mom in Illinois, and his grandparents were there too. Advertisement Anyways when she called, his grandmother said no her husband was fine and he had never came to her house.

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My mother tried to find him using his Social Security number, but failed. Now she says she doesn't know what this social security number is or anything. I found a old birthday card he sent when I was two, with an old PO box number on it. She doesn't remember most things when I ask her, like what did he look like. I have a feeling she isn't telling everything to me and my mother doesn't keep things from me. He's done this once before. I have an older sister by him whom I have never met either. All I know is his name. If you have any ideas on how to find him please let me know. Thank you it would mean the world to me if I could meet my father at least once before I turn 18, but it would be nicer if I could before By from Akron, OH.

I don't think it is possible to locate anyone by the SS. You can try to 'google' his name, to see if you can find any thing, but if he has a common name, you may spend much time looking. You can also try the Salvation Army. They do help find missing relatives, usually if the person you are looking for is homeless, but they do try. Just go to their site, and there is a link. You will have to provide some info.

I don't know your situation, but don't let this make you upset--sometimes you never know why people do or don't do things. You are your own person, regardless of what people around you do.

And don't feel badly towards your mom. There may be things she herself is not ready to admit, even to herself, about your dad, and may feel that you are not old enough or mature enough to handle it.

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I hope that you do find what you are looking for. But if you are disappointed in what you find, or unsuccessful, just keep on being the person that you are, and don't let that situation define you. God Bless you, and good luck to you! Well actually, you are entitled to support from this man and if you petition the courts with his SS number for that support they may find him.

Understand even at your young age that this man is missing something in characture if he would abandon his two children, and you may not like what you find if you do locate him. Sometimes these reunions work out. Sometimes the person who gets found turns out to be a leach and can't be got rid of and causes all kinds of trouble. There are people who know all kinds of ways to find people on the net.

If you know the town where your grandparents lived and if they are still alive, contact them. If they are not still living look for an obituary on line, in the town where they died, and many times the survivors are named and the town where they live is listed, You might want to find someone who loves to do genealogy who will do it for a favor. They love puzzles like this. Try genforum, a genealogy site that helps in finding family members, alive and not. You can google search by typing genforum and your last name.

Also can be searched by state and sometimes county. Hope you find who you are looking for. I have used Zabasearch to successfully find many people. It may take a while and if she has gotten married and you don't know her new name that may make the task a bit difficult.

Salvation Army

I've found this to be pretty good, at least if found it will disclose address and a telephone number without you having to join www. The only information I have is their biological father's name and approximate year of birth, along with his father's name and dob. My cousins' biological parents divorced many years ago, their mother remarried and her new husband adopted the children, so I assume they took their adoptive father's surname. My mother and their aunt is deceased, their biological father is also deceased, and no other information is available.

I do know the gender and approximate age of my cousins. Any suggestions on how I might find them would be great. I'd love to meet them assuming they'd like to meet me, as well. Thank you. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been researching geneology for many years and you needn't be Mormon to access their records.

Simply find a Family History Center in your vicinity and ask if they can help. Give the services at Ancestry.

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They frequently feature 'free to search' weekends and are the most reliable source of finding lost relatives. If you have any idea the town s they live d in, you could also try going to the local newsfeed online and either placing an advert will cost or making a comment on a community page asking for any information on your family members. I live in Scotland and frequently see these requests and classified adverts from people trying to find family members. Best luck to you for a happy reunion!

My boyfriend has a daughter who was born in For some reason he lost contact with her when she was 14 years old. He really wants to find her, but we don't have any information. How can I help him look for his daughter?

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Lauren Kim. Cheaper than a PI is FaceBook, famous for reuniting many family members.

All you need to do is create a FB account and type in her name - most people her age have a FB page trust me, they almost all FB! My son posts more on his FB page than he emails, lol, and tells me to check his page if I want to keep up. He was born in '82 like your boyfriend's daughter. More than likely her page will come up and from there it's a simple matter of 'requesting friending'.

If she accepts his request, there's your happy beginning! I really hate FaceBook but it does have it's place, and this is one of those places.

Restoring Family Links - Restoring Family Links in Australia

Good luck, I hope he finds her and they have a happy reunion. The Salvation Army used to have a program for finding lost relatives. I don't know if they still do, but it would be worth a call to your local branch to find out. Good luck. I have been very curious about finding my half sisters that I know for sure my birth father had. All I know is his name and DOB. He has never been in my life, but his mom did participate a little when I was a child and she would tell me stories. I have never met them. I'm am 26 now. They've been compiling geneological records for decades and are quite open about sharing their findings. You needn't be Mormon to access the information although they may require a small fee. He had a fling or I have no clue what to call it. He is no longer living, but he told my dad he has kids in England.

He never gave their names.